The KMA Foundation is proud that it is making an impact and enhancing student awareness of safe driving habits. Below are letters from students after they have participated in our programs:

Dear Mr. Archambault,
Thank you so much for coming in and speaking to our class. I know it's hard to speak in front of a bunch of people about what happened. I really like the idea of the KMA foundation I think it's a great thing and that it is going to prevent accidents like that in the future. I put my KMA card in my wallet to remind me everytime I get on the road or go somewhere with others. I really like the idea of it and I think it will prevent a lot of bad driving choices. Thank you so much for coming and speaking to us about your daughter, every time I drive I will definitely drive safer.

Dear Shawn,
Hi, my name is Aliyah. I really love and appreciate what you are doing to honor your daughter’s memory. I know if it were my father doing this for me, I would be incredibly proud. I bet she is too. The card that you gave to us with Kaela’s picture on it is temporarily being kept in my purse until my car is fixed and I get it back home But as soon as I have it, I have every intention on keeping it In my car, along with my picture of Donnie, in a place where it will always be a visible reminder for me to be a cautious and safe driver. I didn’t know your daughter personally, but I did know Donnie. And because of what happened to him last september, I have a large place in my heart that is dedicated to safe driving. Kaela’s story really tugged at my heart. I cant imagine the pain you feel, and I am very inspired by the courage you had to pull through and take that right turn to make something good come out of what happened. Im sure you will inspire plenty more people, both young and old, to be more cautious and caring while on the road. I would love to somehow get involved with your organization and learn more about your daughter. I appreciate everything you talked to us about, and I think what you have started is wonderful. Thank you for everything, and good luck in the future !
Aliyah Bender

Dear Shawn,
Thank you very much for taking the time to come to our Driver’s Ed. class! I very much enjoyed your presentation. I appreciate that you took time out of your day to come and speak with us. Your organization must keep you very busy, and I’m very thankful that you could find time to come talk to us. I understand it must have been hard to talk about what happened to your daughter, but I find it amazing that you turned the event into something to help so many people. I really think KMA will can save so many people’s lives. You’ve done so much to make people more aware of dangerous roads and to be more careful when they drive. I know your presentation influenced me to be more cautious and watchful when I finally start to drive. I’m also very glad that you had our school as the first one to sign the banner. I honestly think it made a lot of people aware of the consequences of driving and made people more cautious.
Thank you very much!
Jamie Foutch

Dear Mr .Archambault,
Your message about your loss and how you are dealing with it, and keeping your daughter’s spirit alive by help keep other people alive with her story is something that I probably could never do. The things you have changed with your program is truly amazing, and I thank you for sharing your story with me, and I will always remember because I keep your card on my desk where I always look everyday.
Thank you sincerely,
Drew Schroeder

Dear Shawn,
I’d like to say thank you for sharing your touching story with my class, it must’ve taken a lot of courage to be able to do it. I really appreciate the information you’ve shared, it made me want to be more careful when driving and do a little more to help the community. I’ve never had anything like that happen to me, so I couldn’t even imagine how it must’ve felt. Your daughter seemed like such a nice person, it’s really a shame what happened to her. Bad things happen to the best people. I took the card you gave us and put it in my wallet, to save it for when I get a car. I’ll make sure to try and spread your story, and help keep others I meet be safer on the roads.
Best wishes,
Aleaha Parmeley

Dear Shawn Archambault,
Thank you for the wonderful message about your daughter and your cause to make the roads safer for other people. I know that it could be hard to talk to other people about what happened to your daughter. I believe that your cause could save other people's lives and prevent other families from experiencing the same loss. Thank you for the work you have done to make the roads safer for future drivers like me. I took the card you gave the class and put it in the console of my mom’s car.
Bryce Downey