This billboard is located at the entrance to Highway FF and Highway W on Kirkwood Material Supply property

One Curve At A Time thanks the following individuals and organizations for contributing their time, talents, and service to develop this community awareness billboard.

Creative Designers-Billboard:
Phelan Design
  • Buz Phelan, Owner
  • Ron Nuetzel, Planner
Property Permission for Sign Installation:
  • Will S. Kopp, Land Owner
  • Scott Breitenstein, Kirkwood Material Supply

Special thanks to:

  • Jim Hoene
  • Deer Run Kennels
    • Both of them offered locations to install awareness signs, but zoning issues prevented us from using those locations.
  • Lisa Brook
    • Coordination with Breckenridge Material Company
Sign Committee:
  • Shawn & Angela Archambault
  • Mark and Sabrina Archambault
  • Doug Barnhart
  • Judy Browne
  • Bryan Knappmiller
  • Ron Nuetzel
  • Ray & Sunny Oberkramer
  • Buz Phelan
  • Stephanie Stemmler
  • Steve Watson
Web Site Design and Development:
  • Buz Phelan
  • Scott Eagle
  • Doug Barnhart
  • Steve Watson
  • Angelic Salyer Towe
Sign Production/Installation:
  • Archie Communications
  • Breckenridge Material Company
    • Concrete for sign installation
  • Bryan Construction
    • Sign Frame Construction
    • Bryan Knappmiller, owner
  • D & S Fencing
    • Installation of sign and donation of breakaway steel and post-hole digging
    • Pat Schaffer and Brad Schaffer, owners
    • Brad and Kent Wricker, employees
  • Frontenac Engineering Group
    • Engineering design specs for sign
  • Independents of Fenton
    • Vinyl Sign Overlay
    • Steve Luthenauer, owner
  • Pacific Lumber
    • Framework and hardware
  • Rockwood Lumber
    • Misc hardware
Cash Donations Toward Sign/Permit:
  • Anonymous
  • Archie Communications
  • Shawn Archambault
  • Sheriff Oliver "Glenn" Boyer
    • Jefferson County Sheriff's Dept
  • Nelson Weber
  • Stephanie & Bob Stemmler
  • Jim Terry
  • Ray & Sunny Oberkramer
  • Mark and Sabrina Archambault
Special Thanks to:
  • Judy Wagner, PE
    • Department of Transportation Area Engineer for Franklin and Jefferson Counties, Missouri
  • Dave B. Nichols
    • Department of Transportation Chief Engineer
  • Oliver "Glenn" Boyer
    • Sheriff, Jefferson County
  • Family of Kaela Marie Archambault
  • Family of Karen Turnbo
  • Friends of LaBarque Creek Watershed
  • Tim Schulte
    • Youth Minister, Eureka United Methodist Church
  • Stephanie Stemmler
    • Above the Fold Communications
  • Meagan Brown
    • KMA Foundation Chairman of Kickball Tournament