Kaela In Her Own Words

These insights to life were written within just 45 days of her leaving this world, with her last insight recorded on October 15th, 2010.


When I hear the word perfection, I think of an outer appearance. It isn’t really my definition of perfect but it’s the first thing that pops into my head. Perfection is so complex and hard to define that I don’t even know where I would start, if I was to put my definition on it. It would only be one of countless views. Honestly I don’t have a concrete definition of perfection, I feel that you cannot achieve perfection and the people that live for that will never find what they are looking for.


Morally Good

I haven’t really thought about what “morally good” really means. I guess I have just taken my experiences and what I have been told is wrong or what is right. If you step back and picture your life and give a concrete statement of what it is to you, someone right next to you might have grown up a total different way and have different morals. In general though we as a country have set rules and regulations that we must follow and I think that gives us a basis for what is morally good but if you go to another country, they could have a different view. So the question “What is morally good?” will always be questioned and will never have a concrete answer.

Mind or Body

It isn’t mind or body for me. I think the mind and body work together. Neither could be completely functional without the other. If I was to accidently cut my finger with a knife, my mind would react and tell me that it hurt. Therefore they work together and if my mind didn’t react like that I could end up bleeding too much.

Are We Robots

In class we were asked how do we know we just aren’t robots. Once again another question I have never thought about. It’s hard for me to think about this question because when I think about robots, I see metal objects that don’t walk like us, talk like us, feel like us, have emotions like us or do the same things we do. In my opinion I have to say that we are not robots. Robots don’t have emotions and they do not become attracted to other people. They are full of a bunch of information but they can’t use that information without help from us. We ask computers questions and tell them to do something and they do it and that is how robots work. Therefore we are not robots and make our own decisions and aren’t controlled by anything.

Free Will or Determined

I don’t think we have just free will or that we are just fully determined. I think that some things are just meant to happen and then in other cases you have a decision and each decision starts to shape the path you are going to take and the end result is already determined. I don’t think that everything happens for a reason. It honestly doesn’t make any sense to me, if everything happens for a reason then why would we even need to make choices through life. The point of life is to make your decisions through life and that is what determines the end result and that doesn’t happen just by chance.

Is God Real

I have a big problem with this question, only because people argue too much about it and they don’t just sit back and take in other people’s views instead of bashing their beliefs. I believe that God is real and that if I believe in him then I have nothing to lose but if I believe in nothing then I have everything to lose. I believe that his son died on the cross for my sins and the he created everything is the entire world and I would be nothing without him. I won’t tell someone that they are wrong about their belief but I will tell them a little about mine. I won’t judge anyone on what they believe and I will listen and learn about what they think. It doesn’t need to be debated and people do not need to end up disliking someone for what they believe.

Dream or Reality

I can’t say that my reality isn’t a dream but if I was to question it, it would be a never ending question. I would never truly know the correct answer and I couldn’t live like that. What makes me think that my reality is my reality is that I have a routine that I go through each week. When I’m “dreaming” my life is all over the place and at times I dream in cartoon. So I use that as a reference to what could be real and fake and that’s how I determine what my reality is


Is God perfection? If you didn’t believe in God then you would obviously argue no but in my case I do believe in God so I would have to argue that God is the definition of perfection. In the bible it gives many examples of how perfect God is. I try to be like him as much as I can but I can never achieve perfection like him. He is the definition of perfection and no one can be him.