Take the Pledge

The KMA Foundation evolved its One Curve At A Time initiative to include additional innovative programs focused on safe driving awareness and good driving habits. Take the Pledge, started in 2013, encourages high school students to sign and pledge to be a safer and more aware driver. The program includes pledge cards, a high school pledge banner program and presentations, all designed to showcase the critical need to be a safe driver. The program was first offered in St. Clair High School and is currently spreading to other high schools throughout the region, including in the Rockwood and Fox School districts.

In 2017, the KMA Foundation was awarded a grant from the Jefferson Memorial Community Foundation to offer safe driving awareness programs in 11 public high schools in Jefferson County as well as at Jefferson Community College. In addition to bringing the Take the Pledge program to these schools, KMA also formed a partnership with the Save a Life Tour to participate in the Jefferson County events. Save A Life tours visual showcase the effects of drunk or drugged driving as well as distracted driving. The dynamic and interactive presentations illustrate the real and often fatal consequences of poor choices that can be made while driving distracted or under the influence.



   St. Clair Summit
   Rockwood Summit

Where, When, How?

How do I bring this program to my school?Go to our website KMAFoundation.org and read our information and believe you can make a difference in the lives of your students. You can also call us at: 636-442-1451 and speak to our leadership about starting a banner program at your school.

How does it work? Students will receive a copy of the Student Pledge handout describing their commitment to driver and passenger safety and awareness. If they choose to commit, they will sign the pledge and two pledge cards; one for them and one for whomever they choose to hold them accountable. The final public part of the process is the signing of a 10 foot custom banner that will be displayed in their school.

How is it funded? By local businesses, community groups, student groups, drivers, education programs, fund raisers or private individuals that want to make a difference in the lives of young drivers!

What will supporters receive? The school will receive a customized 10' vinyl banner for the signing ceremony and display in their school. Each student will receive a printed version of the pledge with detachable pledge card, and a window sticker as a reminder of their commitment. Sponsors will have their logo or name displayed on the banner. The school may also choose to honor a fallen student on the banner though the inclusion of a photo and their name (see image below).

What is the purpose?To raise awareness of best safety practices for young drivers and passengers and encourage them to be accountable to one another. The result being fewer accidents, serious injuries and fatalities on Missouri roadways.

The KMA Goal. To raise awareness in Missouri High Schools, educate students to the dangers and responsibilities of driving and hopefully save lives. In the state of Missouri alone, there are over 34,000 miles of roads that our students and their families routinely travel.