An Evening to Honor and Inspire

The KMA Foundation Gala is a prestigious event that brings together community members, supporters, and advocates for an evening of elegance, remembrance, and commitment to road safety. This gala is not only a celebration of our achievements but also a tribute to the lives of those we’ve lost in traffic accidents. It’s an opportunity to raise funds for our ongoing initiatives and to inspire continued support for our mission.

Event Highlights

  • Memorial Tribute: A special ceremony to remember and honor the lives of those we’ve lost.
  • Safety Awareness: Informational booths and resources to promote road safety and responsible driving.
  • Community Engagement: Opportunities to connect with other participants and share stories of hope and resilience.

Partner with Us for a Memorable Evening

The success of our Gala is greatly enhanced by the generous support of our sponsors. We offer several sponsorship levels, each with exclusive benefits and opportunities to showcase your commitment to road safety and the KMA Foundation. Join us for the KMA Foundation Gala and be part of an evening that makes a lasting difference. Your attendance and support help us continue our mission to create safer roads and honor the memory of those we’ve lost.