A Visual Reminder for Safer Driving

Our billboard delivers an impactful message that encourages safe driving behaviors and reminds everyone of the importance of being vigilant on the roads. KMA Foundation wants to thank the following individuals and organizations for contributing their time, talents, and service that assisted in creating this billboard.

Special Thanks To:

One Curve At A Time thanks the following individuals and organizations for contributing their time, talents, and service to develop this community awareness billboard.

Creative Designers-Billboard:

Phelan Design

Buz Phelan, Owner
Ron Nuetzel, Planner

Property Permission for Sign Installation:
Will S. Kopp, Land Owner
Scott Breitenstein, Kirkwood Material Supply

Special thanks to:

Jim Hoene
Deer Run Kennels
Both of them offered locations to install awareness signs, but zoning issues prevented us from using those locations.
Lisa Brook
Coordination with Breckenridge Material Company

Sign Committee:
Shawn & Angela Archambault
Mark and Sabrina Archambault
Doug Barnhart
Judy Browne
Bryan Knappmiller
Ron Nuetzel
Ray & Sunny Oberkramer
Buz Phelan
Stephanie Stemmler
Steve Watson

Web Site Design and Development:
Buz Phelan
Scott Eagle
Doug Barnhart
Steve Watson
Angelic Salyer Towe

Sign Production/Installation:
Archie Communications
Breckenridge Material Company

Concrete for sign installation
Bryan Construction
Sign Frame Construction
Bryan Knappmiller, owner
D & S Fencing
Installation of sign and donation of breakaway steel and post-hole digging
Pat Schaffer and Brad Schaffer, owners
Brad and Kent Wricker, employees
Frontenac Engineering Group
Engineering design specs for sign
Independents of Fenton
Vinyl Sign Overlay
Steve Luthenauer, owner
Pacific Lumber
Framework and hardware
Rockwood Lumber
Misc hardware

Cash Donations Toward Sign/Permit:
Archie Communications
Shawn Archambault
Sheriff Oliver “Glenn” Boyer
Jefferson County Sheriff’s Dept
Nelson Weber
Stephanie & Bob Stemmler
Jim Terry
Hwy MM/W Task Force
Ray & Sunny Oberkramer
Mark and Sabrina Archambault

Special Thanks to:
Judy Wagner, PE
Department of Transportation Area Engineer for Franklin and Jefferson Counties, Missouri
Dave B. Nichols
Department of Transportation Chief Engineer
Oliver “Glenn” Boyer
Sheriff, Jefferson County
Family of Kaela Marie Archambault
Family of Karen Turnbo
Friends of LaBarque Creek Watershed
Tim Schulte
Youth Minister, Eureka United Methodist Church
Stephanie Stemmler
Above the Fold Communications
Meagan Brown
KMA Foundation Chairman of Kickball Tournament