Join the Fun and Make a Difference

The KMA Foundation Annual Kickball Tournament is a fun-filled event that brings our community together to support a serious cause: road safety and the memory of traffic accident victims. This event is about an opportunity to connect with others, have a great time, and contribute to making our roads safer for everyone.

Event Highlights

  • Kickball Tournament: A competitive yet friendly tournament with teams competing for the championship.
  • Family-Friendly Activities: Enjoy a day filled with fun activities for all ages, including games, food, and entertainment.
  • Community Engagement: Meet and mingle with fellow participants, share stories, and build connections in support of our cause

Support Our Cause

Your sponsorship is crucial in propelling our mission forward and making the KMA Foundation Annual Kickball Tournament a triumph. We offer a range of sponsorship levels, each with its own unique benefits and chances to display your dedication to road safety.

We warmly invite you to kick into action at the KMA Foundation Annual Kickball Tournament. Whether you’re kicking in memory of a loved one or running the bases to advocate for safer roads, your participation is key. Sign up today and join us in our journey toward a safer future.

Together, we can create a meaningful difference, remember those we’ve lost to traffic accidents, and enjoy a day filled with fun, community, and commitment to making our roads safer for all.